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2 unique tips to make selling a home with pets easier for you and your furry friends

The home selling process can be hard enough as it is. It doesn't have to be even more difficult when you have pets or even on your pets themselves.

Today, we have 2 tips that will help the home selling process go smoothly for both you and your furry friends.


A showing window places a restriction on the home buyer as to when they can come and see the home. We definitely don't want to restrict home buyers too much, as this is the most crucial part to you actually selling your home, but this window can buy you some time and stress relief! The showing window restriction I am specifically referring to is the time in between when the home buyer requests their showing appointment and when they can come and see it. An example would be this: The buyer would like to see the home at noon. You can set the restriction up so that they would need to schedule their appointment 1,2, or 3 hours prior to the requested time. In this case at 11,10, or 9am if they want a noon appointment.

This showing window allows you the time to clean up after your pets, get them to animal sitter, or take them for a quick walk to release some nervous energy. It really allows you the peace of mind that you can get the home in show ready condition, take care of your pet, and yourself all at the same time.

I definitely suggest not making this too long of a window however as a buyer may have to miss seeing your home if their schedule doesn't allow for this kind of flexibility. Keep it a timeframe that benefits you and the buyer to increase your chances of making a deal happen.


A simple sign to let your potential homebuyers know that pets are in the home or a certain room can make a huge difference in the outcome of your showing.

I have had a few experiences in which I was unaware of a dog kenneled in a bedroom. Because of this, we walked into the room very nonchalantly and the result was a scared dog and scared clients. There is nothing worse than jumping out of your skin because a dog started loudly barking when you weren't expecting it. This situation can also lead to your home buyers not fully taking a look at the room itself because they feel guilty that they scared the dog or disrupted the animal in any way.

A simple sign on the door to let buyers know the dog was in the room would have been a great tool so that the buyers would make their entrance slower, more cautious, and less scary for the animal, which would ultimately result in less barking and guilt and more ability to see the home thoroughly. A win-win for the buyers and for the dog.

If you have pets and are looking to get your home ready for sale, please reach out. We have many more tips and suggestions that will help you and your pets make your home ready to show and stress free for everyone involved!

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