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Buyer Love Letters - Yes, No, Maybe



Everyone knows that the Colorado real estate market has been crazy for buyers for the last several years. Multiple offers, appraisal guarantees, waived inspections, and escalation clauses. It can definitely take some creativity for buyers to make their offer stand out amongst the others.

One method that many buyers use is to write a "love letter" to the seller that accompanies their offer, helping to explain why they love the home and deserve to be chosen. On an emotional level this can be extremely powerful.

But did you know that your letter may inadvertently cause a violation of the Fair Housing Act? I bet your head just went spinning with this:

"Wait, what? How can that be? This is my life, my situation, my truth."

That is true, however the Division of Real Estate is encouraging Real estate brokers to advise against the love letters to prevent potential legal violations. The Fair Housing Act allows for the purchase of housing free from discrimination due to race, religion, color, familial status, national origin, gender, and disability. It is an act that ensures that housing is accessible to everyone regardless of these factors. Colorado has added even a few more categories including sexual orientation, pregnancy, ancestry, and creed/beliefs.

A home buyer may address some of these categories when they write their letter to the seller by describing themselves or the circumstances they currently find themselves in. On a personal level, there is nothing wrong with this. However, should a seller choose to sell to a buyer based on one of the categories, they and the listing agent could find themselves in a discrimination lawsuit. NOT COOL!

Now that the Division of Real Estate has issued these warnings, your agent may recommend that you do not send them if you are a buyer or that you do not read them if you are a seller. The last way to say "I love you" is in a court battle.

There are plenty of ways to make your offer stand out. Let's talk it through and figure out what the best method is for you!

Ready to say yes to the address?

Contact us to make your offer great!

Julia Bandel


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