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Grow Baby Grow! Secrets from a DIY lawn master.

It's May and home selling season is really ramping up! First impressions really go a long way for home buyers, so how sellers may be asking how they can improve the curb appeal of their home? The answer: a luscious lawn of beautiful, green grass!

Mastering the art of growing grass in Colorado is not always an easy task. From clay and expansive soils to tree roots, weeds, and rabbits, Colorado lawns are up for a challenge. In order to get some special insights, we interviewed DIY lawn master, Gary Burns, to get his tips, tricks, and advice on how to make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.

Q. Tell us Gary, how did you become a

DIY lawn master?

Our previous neighbor taught us his tricks. His lawn was always the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

Q. Passing down knowledge from generation to generation definitely seems like a great way to go! Plus you get to know your neighbors. Have you always taken care of your own lawn or do you suggest hiring a company as many people do in Colorado?

I have always done it myself. As my mother used to used to say "Weeds are good therapy."

Q. Weeds are definitely a challenge (and good therapy) for me and my own lawn, especially dandelions. What are the biggest challenges you have trying to maintain your lawn?

The biggest challenges have been dealing with clay soil and lawn eating pests like rabbits and voles. For them, we have tried just about everything. Liquid Fence Rabbit/Deer Repellent has provided the best results when used regularly. We have also had some success with Enoz No Zone Animal Repellent Stations. When it comes to weeds, dandelions and crab grass give me the most trouble. I use a weed control fertilizer and our trusty "weed knife" has been in the family for years.

Q. These are all great ideas! In addition to the products you just mentioned, are there any other special products or tools you swear by?

I prefer Scotts fertilizers with weed control and Revive.

Q. Awesome recommendations. So now, what everyone really wants to know is this: What's the "special sauce" to your lawn and what are the 3 "must do" tasks so we can have grass as nice as yours?

The special sauce:

Between fertilizer cycles, I insert a shot of Miracle Grow lawn food.

My "must do" list:

1. Aerate in both spring and fall and use a soil conditioner like Revive at the start of the growing season

2. Mow the lawn short the first time of the season and then mow it taller later on to preserve water.

3. Feed grass routinely by fertilizing in spring, summer, fall, and at the end of the season to help the lawn through the winter.

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