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3 Home selling MUST DO's to earn top dollar for your home

The need to sell your home can come up at any time. Perhaps you are relocating to be closer to family or you got a brand new job. Maybe your family has grown and you need more space. Or the flip side and you your little ones have grown and its time to swap the big home for something smaller and easier to maintain. Whatever the reason for selling is, making sure to maximize your time on the market and earning as much as possible on your home is what every home seller has in common.

Check out these 3 tips to do just that!


The last few years have been a dominant sellers market, where multiple

offers were coming in left and right and also thousands over asking price. As the market is becoming more neutral and the onset of fall and winter are arriving, overpricing your home can be a dangerous proposition. Pricing your home correctly will get the highest number of buyers possible to come preview the home, possibly get you multiple offers, and just create a win-win feel for everyone that allows for better negotiations later on in the transaction.


There is nothing worse than opening the door for a buyer and hearing "Ewwww, what's the smell?" When this happens, the buyers will generally rush through the home and not actually take a good look because they are offended by the smell and could have the impression that the seller does not take care of the home and could be rigid during the transaction. Before your house hits the market, make sure to have a good friend, family member, or your agent come through a give your home a quick smell check to make sure that the first impression your future buyer will receive is a good one! It will pay off in the end because the buyer won't be fishing for "other things that aren't taken care of."


Finding the right agent is absolutely imperative to getting top dollar for you home. You not only want to make sure that your agent will work diligently to present your home in the best possible way, you also want them to be able to work well with other agents. Selling and buying a home can create high emotions and tensions among the buyers and sellers and if your agent is not able to communicate efficiently and create a good relationship with the other agent, it could lead to you getting less for your home. The ultimate goal is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If your agent is making that feeling disappear, it may be time to re-evaluate so that you can sit at the closing table and smile versus having feelings of resentment and regret. Your team matters are ultimately the face of your home sale.

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