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Community Spotlight: The Bobolink trail

Boulder County, Colorado is full of amazing places to explore. Being a native to this area, there are a few gems out there that I absolutely love to share with my community. Today, we are spotlighting a trail that I personally have many wonderful memories of because of my high school cross country days! Make sure to watch the video below to see all the specific details!


Located in Boulder at the corner of Cherryvale and Baseline, this trail is perfect for anyone looking for an easy trail to run, walk, or bike. The first leg of the trail is 1.5 miles and is very flat, full of shade, has an incredible view of the Flatirons, and also runs alongside a creek that both the kids and dogs can play in at certain points. For me, I love to bring my small kids here because they can navigate the trail easily, look at beautiful flowers, cross bridges, and stop and play in the water for a quick rest break. This trail would also be amazing for anyone with visitors to the area, because they could get a taste of the great trails we have here without having to over exert themselves on some of the more difficult terrain higher up in the mountains.

Another bonus of this trail that is truly epic. A lot of famous runners frequent this trail and so you may get to see some poetry in motion while you there.

One side note: Because of the water and shady spots, there are a lot of mosquitos on the first part of this path. Make sure you bring some bug spray or lather up prior to heading out. Parking is also limited, so get there early or plan to park across the street in the neighborhood. Other than that, I hope you can enjoy this trail as much as I do! It's worth every minute!

If you are looking for more amazing spots to check out, please visit and subscribe to our Youtube Channel and get all the info you need to get out and Grab the Good Life!!

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