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Boulder County is topping the charts

As the owner of Good Life Real Estate LLC, I am always searching for the absolute best places and ways for you to really get out there and enjoy your life to the fullest! There is a great website that gathers data and reviews so that you can check out the best places for outdoor activities, schools, and several other categories! This website is called And guess what I found while I was searching on it?

Boulder County is the #1 place to live in Colorado!

Check out some of the reason why!

Colorado outdoors in unlike any other and Boulder County offers so many options within its boundaries. With skiing, rafting, mountain climbing, parks, lakes, hiking trails, and over 300 days of sunshine, it is easy to get outside and explore this amazing part of the state.

Combine the easy access to outdoor activities with the ability to find healthy food, and you can easily guess why Boulder county has topped the charts as not only the healthiest county in Colorado, but also in the United States!

And let's not forget the high quality schools you will find in Colorado, which paves the way for young professionals to find amazing opportunities here! We are surely blessed!

If you are looking to find your next home in Boulder County, Colorado, I am here to help. I was born and raised in Boulder County and know that I can help you find just the right place for you! I'm just a phone call away!

Julia Bandel


Good Life Real Estate

Managing Broker

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