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Benefits of the Ranch Home Layout

Many features of your brand new home will impact your day to do life. One of those features that will have one of the biggest impacts of all is THE LAYOUT! It seems kind of obvious, however when buyer's are in the process of looking at homes, they are not always thinking of how the layout of the home will affect the actual flow of life each and every day.

There are many different types of layouts a home can have, so today we are going to focus in on the ranch style home.

These homes are very popular right now and for many good reasons. Let's check out 3 of the top reasons home buyers select ranch style homes.


All of the living amenities, like bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms are on a single level in the ranch style home. This creates a nice, open view of the main floor because everything is spread out over a large square footage and there are fewer supporting walls holding up the upper levels, which can obstruct the views through the open areas of the home.

Having everyone on the same level can also:

A) provide peace of mind for parents of small children because they can hear what is going on

B) allow elderly home owners to move around freely

C) create easy access to all areas of the home.


This is a fantastic feature for parents with small children, for those who may be injured or in a wheelchair, the elderly, or those who are just not looking to walk up and down stairs many times throughout the day. The only staircase would be going up and down from the basement if the home has one. And speaking of basements....


The square footage of the basements generally matches the upper level one for one on ranch style homes. This is great because, should you decide to finish that basement, you have just doubled the size of your home, and added value, in one remodeling session. These large basements offer great storage space, are perfect spots for entertaining guests, and can provide children room to play. for hours on end.

As you can see, simply the way your new home is laid out can dramatically impact your overall quality of living and how your daily flow of life takes place. If the ranch style home seems like it would be a good fit for you and your family, reach out today and get your complete and personalized list of ranch homes that are currently on the market.

We look forward to serving you and helping you get out there and grab the good life!

Julia Bandel

Good Life Real Estate LLC - Managing Broker


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