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Save $, make $, and stress less! Start looking at new construction now!

2020 is rapidly approaching! Have you been thinking ahead? If you are considering buying a new home, it may be time to start looking right now. Especially if you are considering new construction style homes. Let's take a look at 3 reasons why you want to get your new construction home under contract as soon as possible!


The normal thought is that the longer a home is on the market, the cheaper it will become. In the case of new construction homes, the exact opposite is true in most cases. The builders tend to make price increases as time goes by, which can really affect the base price of your new home. Depending on your budget, this higher base price might affect how many upgrades and the type of finishes you can add to your new home and you may have to settle and not get exactly what you want. No one wants to settle on the design part of a new construction. This is where you can really customize the home to be "yours." So, getting that lower base price might make all the difference!


The location in your neighborhood can make a big difference in the value of your home, should you need to sell it in the future. The sooner you get into a contract with a new construction home, you will have more choices for the exact spot (also called"the lot") to place your home within the neighborhood. Do you want a mountain view, a corner lot, or no backyard neighbors? Not only are these the first spots to go in new construction home sites, but these are also the spots that will provide the highest payoff when you go to sell it down the road. Get in early to get your pick of the litter!


The process for building a new home can take anywhere between 9-12 months. They may even have it written in the contract that they have a full 24 months to complete the project!! (This is where your real estate agent comes in.) If you have plans to find your new home before the school year starts, or if you are expecting a baby, or you simply prefer to do your moving when the weather is nice, now is the right timeline to get your new home building process started. If you wait until spring, you will be moving in during the cold and wet months of winter. Choose your timeline accordingly and make sure to prepare for delays. This is also especially important if you are selling a home in order to buy your new one.

Planning ahead = a stress less experience!

Having a real estate agent to help you navigate the new home construction is absolutely vital. Making sure that you are protected is a number one priority. Contracts from builders often have a lot of protection for the them and not much for you, the home buyer. A real estate agent can also help you negotiate for better terms, keep the builders on track to meet deadlines, and simply help you make sense of the new construction process and language. It doesn't cost you a penny and it could save you thousands!

Connect with us today to discuss which new construction communities might be the best fit for you and let's go look at some model homes!

Julia Bandel

Good Life Real Estate - Managing Broker


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