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Nail Holes No More! Home Decorating Hacks

You've bought your brand new home and now it's time for the fun part.....decorating! You may not be considering selling anytime soon, however, you might someday. Because of this, it is a good idea to plan ahead and consider what the repair of your decorations might cost you in terms of time and money down the line.

A perfect example of this is nails in the wall. Nail holes are minor, but after several years of them building up, it might become a big undertaking to fill, sand, and repaint over them in the future. Hence today's home decorating hack discussion!

So what's the great hack? Vinyl Decals!

I personally have three small children. And not only do they grow out of a shoe size every month, they also claim a new favorite cartoon character, sport, animal, or color. It can be difficult staying on top of their ever-changing interests, which of course MUST be reflected by the decorations on their walls. New posters = new holes in the walls. More toys = more shelves which put holes in the walls. "I can do it myself phase" = new holes in the walls. The fun never stops.

Because of this revolving door, I have learned to use vinyl decals as a way to spare my walls from looking like a piece of swiss cheese by the end of the year.

A few years ago, finding decent decals with cool characters was much more expensive and tricky than it is now. Now, you can find quotes, landscapes, characters, people, monograms, and more with just a quick click or two on the computer. Once they arrive, all you need is a drivers license, credit card, or school ID and a pair of scissors to install them. The design you choose will dictate how long it takes to hang them up, but compared to the measure, mark, re-measure, hammer, and hope for the best method, vinyl decals will forever top my list.

Check out this video for a quick look at how I recently redecorated my son's room in 15 minutes!

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