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Ready To Sell: Episode #2: Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves are a HUGE selling feature of your home and we want to make sure that these are highlighted in the best possible light when potential homebuyers come to view your home.

The tips I have for you today can be applied to both built-in bookshelves and any freestanding shelves you may have inside your home.

TIP #1:

Take out half of the books you have in the shelf. Homebuyers are interested in how much the shelves can hold, not what you have on it. By removing half of the items currently on the shelf, you are going to showcase how much space you actually have to hold all of THEIR books and trinkets.

TIP #2:

Another unique way to highlight your shelves is to paint the back wall of the shelf itself. This adds a lot of visual interest to the shelves and helps them stand out even more! Check out this great idea from

(Photo courtesy of:

TIP #3:

If you do have a lot of books and nowhere to store them for the home showings, you can also arrange them in a specific way. Try placing the darker books on the bottom shelves and the lighter books on the top shelves. This ombre effect may assist in helping your ceiling height appear higher than it is, which every homebuyer loves! has many ideas you can use for inspiration.

(Photo Courtesy of Pinterest)

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