Shawn and

Julia Bandel

There I was, walking up a dark and dreary concrete stairwell towards my fate.  The dark brown paint on the walls added to the increasing sense of dread that was growing with each footstep forward.  Would we be able to stay or would be forced to leave?


These questions that raced through my head were the product of one single, and selfish, decision made by someone we mistakenly trusted.  We had relied on this person to help us find a location for our business so that it could expand and we would have the opportunity to help more people transform their lives for the better.  


The business my husband and I had was alive.  It was vibrant and energetic.  It gave people hope.  It was also a little bit noisy. So when we hired our real estate broker to find us the perfect location to match our energy, we trusted that their goals would become the same as our goals.  We trusted that their expertise would provide the proper solutions for our challenges and needs.  Unfortunately, we thought wrong.


This particular broker had only one thing in mind: getting paid.  And with that, a location was indeed found, but our next door neighbors were highly displeased by the broker’s lack of consideration. Their business required silence and minute measuring of vibrations and sound: a complete clash with our loud, energetic, and buzzing atmosphere.  


The stark contrast between our businesses and the lack of caring from our broker became more obvious each and every day.  Anger grew and on this particular day, the volcano finally erupted.  


Fast forward to today.  That single lapse in consideration changed the course our first business had to take. But, we were blessed with a solution to a problem that far too many people still experience today: knowing that someone you trusted treated you like a number.   Their eyes were on their prize, not on serving you with integrity and character.  


Today Good Life Real Estate is alive.  We are still vibrant, energetic and blessed with the opportunity to help people like you grab the life of their dreams each and every day.  Our negative experience has given us to the drive to reverse the trend of poor service and provide our clients with hope and knowing that there are still real estate agents out there with integrity and character.  With us, you can be certain you have a trusted ally in your corner to back you up every step of the way. Your concerns are our concerns; your success is our success; and we couldn’t be more grateful to be alongside you on this amazing journey.


Are you ready to grab the good life?

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