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Good Life Blessings 365 - Day 1

It's 7:30am, the temperature is warm. Not too cold, not too hot. Just right for getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Lately, here in Colorado, you have to get outdoorsy things done early in the morning or later in the afternoon so that you don't end up sweltering in heat. It's been hot, but the perfect kind of hot for summer fun!

I strap my son into his stroller and we head out. A quick walk to the gorgeous Thomas Reservoir. Along the way, we get the see all the great houses our neighborhood has to offer (many of which are getting painted right now). I recently had mine done, so it is very fun to get to see all the color choices everyone is making!

The familiar sounds of scritch-scitch-scitch hit my ears as we step foot onto

the reservoir trail. A quacking duck or two swims along happily. The scent of fresh pine hits my nose. The sight of the Rocky mountains graces my eyes. The sweet, little, yellow bird lands on the reeds, proud to call this his (or her) home.


Here it is, the good life blessing of my Monday, right in my own backyard.

What was your good life blessing today? Please share so we can all benefit from the goodness that each day has to offer.

Stay tuned for more Good Life Blessings as we explore this wonderful place called Colorado and this wonderful thing called life. The Good Life is out there waiting! I hope to help you find it.


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