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Community Spotlight: KaiaFit Lafayette

The heat is on and the swimming pools are calling! Not to mention your health, wellness, and overall quality of life.

Colorado is one of the fittest states in the country and our active lifestyle is one of the many reasons people are wanting to call this place home.

Today, we are taking a look at KaiaFit Lafayette. A gym created just for women that is a haven for all ages, all abilities, and all interests.

It starts with the owner, Christine Driscoll, and her passion for creating a safe place for ladies to come and find their edge. She is a resident of the town she serves as well, which allows her to truly be a good life creator and give back to her community.

KaiaFit Lafayette offer a variety of class types.

This allows the boredom level to stay low, the intensity level to stay high, and the opportunity to push yourself in new ways at a true maximum. There is truly something for every woman here!

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