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Our new video series: READY TO SELL Episode #1- Toys

COVID-19 may have us all locked up much more than we would like to be, however, instead of focusing on what we can't do, now is the perfect time to focus on what we can do! Especially if you are going to be putting your house on the market for sale as soon as this quarantine is lifted.

In order to assist you with this, I have created a series of one minute videos called "Ready to Sell," in which I will help you create the most outstanding home showing experience possible. These are quick tips that you can do RIGHT NOW to save yourself time and stress later. Your home buyers will be "WOW-ed" once they are finally able to walk through your home in person.

And of course, these are just little snippets of information to help get you started on the process. If you are considering putting your home on the market this year, we would be honored to share all of our knowledge and help you with you the process! We are just a phone call or email away!


Check out Episode #1: TOYS


1. Remove big toys that sit on the floor. Perception is everything when it comes to home showings. Large toys like dollhouses, race tracks, train sets, etc take up valuable floor space and can make your room appear smaller than it is.

They can also hinder the imagination of the homebuyer as they are trying to picture their own belongings inside the space. If they cannot envision themselves inside your home, most likely they won't be making an offer. Removing these toys will help them get their creative juices flowing.

2. Place little toys inside a decorative ottoman or bin that matches and adds interest to your home staging decor. This will allow your child to still have access to their toys throughout this period of the home sale, and will enhance the overall experience of the home buyer.


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