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Road construction we can be thankful for!

Road construction can definitely be a hassle that impacts our search of living "The Good Life." However, not all road construction projects are created equal. In Louisville, Colorado, for instance, is a construction project that is schedule to be completed towards the end of 2020 that will definitely make grabbing the good life that much easier.

In 2019, The City of Louisville passed a $2 Million project to create a pedestrian underpass at the intersection of Highway 42 and Hecla Drive. If you drive on this road a lot, you know that there can be heavy traffic and not a lot of space for those on bicycles or on foot to navigate around the traffic easily, which ultimately creates stress for everyone. This project will completely solve this problem and will give pedestrians the ability to stay off the road completely and use the underpass as a safer alternative.

There are also going to be added benefits of this project that will have a great impact on the residents of, not only Louisville, but those living in Lafayette, CO as well. This underpass will create a full trail system that links Harper Lake in Louisville to Waneka Lake in Lafayette. This will create one scenic ride, walk, or run for pedestrians and will definitely contribute to the good life grabbing for these awesome communities.

While the construction is underway, try to remain patient and calm and know that once its completed, you will have just one more way to get out and grab the good life!

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